ePublications made in Melbourne

IBSA ePublications

Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) is authorised by the Australian Government as an official voice on vocational education and training.

Icon works with IBSA producing a range of printed brochures, guides and manuals, and has begun creating ePub versions of these publications to be accessed and experienced on tablet devices.

The process required the translation of static publications into interactive ones, bringing our print and digital teams together to work on a number of challenges. 

We conducted a thorough content review and produced detailed wireframes to begin the process, establishing clear communication with the client and a solid foundation for the project.

Using the latest version of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (including Adobe InDesign), IBSA’s print layouts were then reinvented for tablet viewing and tested over numerous rounds of interaction review.

Enhancements for the ePub format included:

  • An expanded colour palette for screen viewing
  • Adapting a static content for touch-screens
  • Creating interactive elements that enhance content rather than detract from it
  • Presenting specialised technical information in a clear and engaging way
  • Creating subtle feedback tips on how to use the guide
  • Preparing various licenses, certificates and assets for the App Store approval processes 
  • Producing versions for both iPad and Android devices

La Trobe University ePubs

Icon has worked with La Trobe University since 2009, producing a wide variety of printed collateral – including many large and complex publications.

Our team is now helping the university develop ePub versions of their print collateral, allowing students to access and experience these publications using tablet devices.

The 2015 International Prospectus is the first ePub the university has published. Highlights of the project include:

  • Conducting a thorough content review and production of detailed wireframes to establish clear deliverables for the project.
  • Using the latest version of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite to reimagine the print layout in a tablet format. Graphic elements and type styles were developed in line with the university’s brand guidelines.
  • Customising icons and buttons with ‘Human Interface Guidelines’ in mind. Icons and buttons often appear with brief instructions. A ‘how to use’ page is included at the beginning of the ePub.
  • Clear and consistent interactivity throughout the ePub, allowing students to become familiar with the format quickly.
  • Supporting La Trobe’s development team throughout the various approval processes, and providing visual assets and testing support.

The 2015 International Prospectus is now available on the App Store and Google Play, giving local and international students easy access to virtual campus tours, course information, and application requirements.

Check out the video below to see it in action.