Department of Justice and Regulation

A personal gaming card that lets the user track their play so they can gamble more responsibly.



Icon were tasked with developing the brand and creative campaign for a new state-wide voluntary pre-commitment scheme for pokie machines. The scheme revolves around a personal gaming card that lets the user track their play so they can gamble more responsibly.

Every gaming machine in Victoria is now fitted with a card reader and digital display allowing players to track time and money spent, set limits and receive reminders when they’re about to reach their set limits. Players can also access their playing history via the website, kiosks in venue or annual statement, so they can see what they’ve spent over time. It’s an empowering tool designed to help players stay in control of their gaming activity. All data is secure and anonymous.


This is a highly sensitive campaign that is under close scrutiny form the media and general public. Research shows pokie players often feel stigmatised by playing EGMs and are highly cynical about any initiative designed to regulate their gaming activity. Research also shows an inherent concern that private playing data could be accessed by the Government and would be a barrier to up-take. Our challenge was to differentiate YourPlay from problem gambling communications and create a positive and trustworthy brand and campaign that would appeal to players and encourage adoption and use of the scheme.



To be successful, the scheme could not be seen as a kill-joy. From the beginning, our approach was to present the scheme as a tool that empowers pokie players. We named the card ‘YourPlay’ to promote the premise that it tracks your play and convey the idea that the power and control over gaming activity is in the hands of the user. A fun and exciting creative platform was developed for the campaign that was nothing like the usual anti-gambling government communications. 

Key messaging was developed to succinctly introduce the scheme and provide rationale as to how and why it benefit players. ‘You’ve got the power’ and ‘Play your way’ reiterated the campaign’s premise – empowerment. Bold, dynamic campaign lock ups set the tone for the creative and spoke directly to gamblers. 

A user friendly website and digital kiosk applications were designed to aid adoption and continued use. The campaign was launched and rolled out across outdoor posters, transit advertising, press, radio, YouTube videos and online banners.