DeakinDigital is an innovator, a disruptor and – in the true sense of the word – a pioneer. But the organisation was coming to market with a completely new offering and nobody had heard of the brand.



A wholly-owned subsidiary of Deakin University, DeakinDigital offers credentialling solutions as an alternative to traditional higher education for career professionals and employers. 

By credentialling professional practice, this innovative new model offers organisations a powerful new way to recruit, develop and deploy their people. For individuals, it’s a great way to show the world your professional capabilities via recognition of workplace experience and skills. 

What started as a small project, and potentially  a one-off, quickly became one of Icon’s most exciting prospects – the opportunity to help launch and establish a world-first business in a world‑first segment.


As a new organisation that is completely rethinking ‘recognition’, DeakinDigital is on a mission to change the relationship between accreditation and work forever. DeakinDigital’s bold goal is to own credentialling globally. 

As with any true pioneer however, DeakinDigital’s value proposition was completely unknown and had zero familiarity. Ditto for its brand.

Icon’s greatest challenge was twofold – before we could work to establish the DeakinDigital brand (and take a leadership stance), we had to first define it. Then we could bring the offering to life in a meaningful way that was clear, understood and ownable in the heart and mind of the consumer.


Working collaboratively with DeakinDigital, we strategically identified what was at the core of the brand – its DNA.

Then we translated the brand essence into an identity – a visual expression of the DeakinDigital brand for the world to embrace.

We developed an arsenal of branding assets to ensure brand integrity could be maintained in various iterations and that customers, clients and members of DeakinDigital’s organisation would experience a consistent expression of the brand at every touch point.