Icon has adopted the use of UK product, GatherContent, to plan, organise, manage and collaborate on website and digital project content – prior to migrating or population of the CMS of choice.

The product has been in market for over three years, their website now boasting over 7000 clients – 500+ of which are agency customers – across 133 countries, including Australia. 

Content management and editing for digital projects can often be an unwieldy task, particularly when supplied in badly formatted Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, with images split across USB sticks and DVDs.

The gathering of content can rapidly turn into a nightmare for both agency and client, particularly once web development commences.

Content can either be copied and pasted into the site structure and pages within GatherContent or migrated from an existing site or CMS – then provisional formatting applied and images, infographics and logos uploaded against their relevant pages. 

The whole process negates the risk of “missing” important content lost in emails or documents on servers, allows the setting of deadlines to provide transparency around who is responsible for delivery and editing of content, not to mention delivery deadlines to ensure projects are delivered on time. 

The site structure and hierarchy allows for adding of pages in bulk with fields dragged and dropped into each page making it clear exactly what’s needed and where. These templates can then be applied to additional pages as required.

GatherContent deftly handles the import and export of content across major CMS platforms including Drupal, Wordpress, Expression Engine and more to come including Perch and Sitecore.

Content is also highly secure and is backed up every hour so there’s no need to make multiple backups across sometimes flakey external storage devices.

If you'd like a demo of the system and its capabilities feel free to get in contact.